Reguladores y válvulas para gas natural

Adjustable pressure regulator

Adjustable Pressure pressure regulator for Gas manufactured by RECGAS, SLL, is a pressure regulator in accordance with Directive 2009/142/EC. and EN 88 Class A Group 2 for gases of the three families.
It is a dual-stage pressure regulator with input filter to particles <5 microns and fine adjustment of stability.

RGR-180 VIS MIN y RGR - 180

  • For any input pressure between 35 mbar. and 1 bar (could fit up to 1.5 bar), with consumption between 1 and 15 m3 (n) / h of gas (possible up to 20 m3 / h (n) gas), the output pressure that can be obtained in the pressure regulator is between 18 and 65 mbar., adjusting it, using the adjustment screw shortcut. The following table shows output pressures at maximum flow.
  • The approximate dimensions of the pressure regulator are 105.5 mm. wide x 130 mm. high.
Connections (GAS, NPT, BSPT)
  • Input: H 3/4", M 3/4"
  • Output: H 3/4", M 3/4"
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Differences (GAS, NPT, BSPT)

Unlike RGR-180, RGR - MIN VIS 180 has a relief valve for high pressure disruption, initially closed. The reset occurs automatically when the pressure of consumption points being closed is reached.  
Safety valve acts when the output pressure, either by over-consumption or a reduction in the input pressure drops below the pressure of operation, which depends on the pressure that is calibrated the regulator.

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