Reguladores y válvulas para gas natural

Natural gas pressure regulator RG - 90

The pressure regulator maintains the output pressure 20 mbar. + / - 10% input pressure between 25 and 400 mbar. It has a safety valve for low pressure disruption initially closed. The reset occurs automatically when the pressure of consumption points being closed is reached. There is also the possibility that the reset is manual.

Safety valve acts when the output pressure, either by over-consumption or a reduction in the input pressure drops below 15 mbar, by blocking the flow of gas.


  • Input pressure: From 25 to 400 mbar.
  • Ouput pressure: 20 mbar. Possibility of other pressures upon request.
  • Nominal flow: 6 m3(n)/h de gas
  • Set Pressure safety valve: 12,5 mbar.
  • Installation: Upright, with a maximum slope of 10 º. Gas Flow is as shown in Figure.
Technical Especifications RG-90
Connections (GAS, NPT, BSPT)
  • Input: H 3/4", M 3/4", M 7/8"
  • Output: H 3/4", TL 7/8"
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