Reguladores y válvulas para gas natural

Safety valve RG-90 VIS MIN

This safety valve receives an input pressure of 20 mbar. and delivers an output pressure of 20 mbar. estimated with a small loss of load capacity. Initially is closed, producing the reset automatically when the operating pressure is reached, the consumption points being closed.

  • Input pressure: 20-22 mbar
  • Output pressure: 20-22 mbar
  • Nominal flow: 6 m3(n)/h of gas
  • Set Pressure: 12,5 mbar.
  • Installation: upright, with a maximum slope of 10 º. Gas Flow is as shown in Figure
  • Input: TL 7/8
  • Output: M 7/8
Aenor product certificate Safety valve RG-90 VIS MIN