Reguladores y válvulas para gas natural

Natural gas pressure regulator RG-Polyvalent

The pressure regulator polyvalent subscriber, manufactured by RECGAS is a pressure regulator with built-in safety valve trigger a low pressure flow equivalent to 4.8 m3 (n) / h of air, which sastifies the standard UNE 60402-1.

The functional features for RG 90 (Square) and RG 180 (Online) for this polyvalent pressure regulator are:
  • Initially the pressure regulator is calibrated for Gases of 3rd family (propane, butane,.) giving an output pressure of 37 mbar. + / - 10%, for any input pressure between 50 and 400 mb. with consumption between 0.48 and 4.8 m3 (n) / h of air. They are tested and rated at 37 mbar. 100% of the pressure regulator.
  • When the pressure regulator must work with Gases of 2nd family (Natural Gas) will incorporate the adjustment spring that comes in the kit of transformation, by calibrating the output pressure with said spring to 20 mbar. In this new situation, the functional characteristics for both RG 90 (Square) to the RG 180 (Line), are expressed above.
Connections (GAS, NPT, BSPT)
  • Input: M 3/4", H 3/4"
  • Output: M 3/4", H 3/4", TL 7/8"
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Aenor certificate of RG - Polyvalent