Reguladores y válvulas para gas natural

Safety valve VIS MAX

The safety valve is activated by a high pressure at the time when the input pressure thereof becomes greater than 120 mbar, cutting off the flow of gas.

  • Acting from 120 mbar.
  • The resetting of the valve will automatically be at the time that the input pressure is once again less than 120 mbar., Manual being, pressing the plunger located in the socket on the valve, in the case where further giving the fact above 120 mbar pressure.
  • Display line (RG-180 VIS MAX) or square (RG-90 VIS MAX).
Connections (GAS, NPT, BSPT)
  • Input: H 3/4", M 3/4"
  • Output: H 3/4", M 3/4", TL 7/8"
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